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Eric Cohen, M.S., Vice President of Logistics, WAXIE Sanitary Supply

Since using OverDrive’s Service Management, WAXIE has experienced the following benefits: improved visibility when tracking open orders, eliminated paper based repair orders, integrated purchasing and receiving into the repair process, while increasing technician productivity by tracking labor hours, billed hours and non-effective hours.

In addition, WAXIE Sanitary Supply has improved the communication flow with our customers through SMS’s integrated emailing function. It enables customers to receive detailed and accurate repair quotes in less time than the previous method while tracking each communication in the repair cycle.

Prior to the deployment of SMS, WAXIE Sanitary Supply was using a simplified Order Entry module to provide repair services without the added benefits of SMS. 

WAXIE Sanitary Supply now has the ability to not only track each repair, but has the ability to monitor both internal performance metrics while also helping customers manage their equipment spend by providing timely reporting of life to date costing by serial number.

Through SMS, WAXIE Sanitary Supply has improved the flow of information, and has captured a host of data which lead to the creation of internal KPI’s. This has all benefited our customers while decreasing operational costs.