Operational Efficiency

Manual systems and methods lack cohesiveness.  Processes can be disjointed and "relying on memory" becomes the defacto system. Demand Planning provides the right framework for methodical management of your inventory and supply chain.


Today's Priorities greets the users with a summary of the days tasks by category and in the recommended order of attention.  Each section previews the dashboard or report on the right where actions can be taken.  Everything in one place and in the right order.


Every item/warehouse combination holds historical and activity related information in the notes section for the item.  All actions taken on an item are date/time-stamped for audit and historical record.  You can also manually create a note or action item and email it out.


There are numerous historical screens and viewpoints available for items and groups of items.  Easily see the picture from different perspectives without running hundreds of reports.


With one workspace and a defined process, you will immediately gain efficiencies in your operation that will have a positive effect on your inventory levels and overall health of your supply chain. 

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