Next Steps

Let's start the conversation...

We will be working in partnership with you to identify areas of concern, challenges and room for improvement.  Setting goals and understanding your unique supply chain is paramount to success.

And remember, you will always speak with a qulified and experienced inventory expert (never a sales rep following a script).

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Here's a few examples of discussion items to begin the process and help us develop a plan in tandem with your team:

  • Do you currently rank items?  How often are ABC codes updated?
  • How many warehouses in operation?  Are they independent or do you transfer items between them?
  •  How much product is imported with long lead times?
  •  How much inventory is dedicated to 1 or 2 customers?
  • Who has input into buying decisions and forecasts?  Do you interact with outside sales for market intelligence?
  • What metrics do you currently use to measure success?  What are your goals for future metrics? 

We aim to develop a customized plan for your business utilizing our applications and years of experience in distribution.  We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!