Optimize Your Inventory

Most "forecasts" are just an average of your past sales.  They don't account for fluctuation in demand patterns, seasonal cycles, or special circumstances that won't repeat again.

Developing reliable forecasts and the ability to identify changing patterns and behavior are paramount to success.  At the same time, you don't want to have to hire statisticians to manage your inventory. We've got you covered...


Keep "mistakes" out of the plan!  Our forecast engine interprets your invoice history and finds anomolies to correct.  Contingencies to deliver product should not seep into your plan.  Based on DEMAND HISTORY, you now have a more accurate forecast reflecting how you plan to fulfill orders in the future.


Market feedback is captured through forecast overrides, allowing for entry of exact forecast numbers for any item/customer combination.


The new forecast override is integrated into the existing forecast (light blue bars).


Accurate, reliable forecasts allow your business to shift the paradigm to proactive.
Confidently partner with customers and suppliers with a vision towards the future!

Let's work together to see how this could apply to your business.
You will always speak to a qualified inventory expert with real-world experience
(no sales reps following scripts).

Begin the journey to mastering your supply chain today!


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