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OverDrive’s Inventory Management Software Suite consists of four applications:
·        Demand Planning
Exception-based demand management tools establish stocking levels, replenish inventory and manage inventory investment.
·        Inventory Advisor
Reporting tools that analyze and measure your inventory investment portfolio and inventory effectiveness.
·        Component Planning
Predicts the need for components and assemblies. Bases data on finished-goods forecasts and current inventory pipelines.
·        RepLink
Sales team management software connects your sales and purchasing teams by providing daily demand alerts, prompting for market intelligence, and providing valuable sales tools.
The OverDrive Inventory Management Software Suite is an effective Inventory Management solution that ensures the right inventory is in the right place at the right time, while simultaneously managing conflicting goals. It will
·        Minimize inventory investment (higher turns)
·        Improve customer service
·        Minimize time spent replenishing inventory
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