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Beyond Traditional Reporting

 INDEXT: Interactive Drill-down & Exception Trapping Architecture

Getting to the heart of the matter with better, faster tools.

The reporting function is critical in the world of distribution. Executives, managers and users rely on timely and accurate information in order to make quick and correct business decisions every single day.  With the pace of business increasing exponentially, we are finding the amount of reporting to be growing at the same rate. Information overload is just as big a problem as not getting the information you need, when you need it, to turn discoveries into action. 

Goal - Get the right amount of information into the hands of the right people without creating data overload, causing important information to be overlooked or lost in the sheer volume.  Integrate this function into the normal workflow. 

Need - New methods and tools that go beyond traditional reporting and empowers every user to discover and act on the information.

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