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Sales Planning Overview

Your sales team needs a roadmap to follow. An effective sales plan bridges the gap between your company’s strategy and the tactics required to achieve your objectives.


Sales Planning is simple to use. You can easily create multi-level sales budgets (reps, customers, products), and gain sales team buy-in without depending on your IT staff.


Plan Better and Faster (details)

The best way to plan your future is by starting with your past. 

Use your historical sales data to quickly create a workable plan,

combining your goals with your reality.


Create Valuable Sales Team “Buy-In” (details)

Build team confidence

by including your team’s input and field knowledge in your plan.


Use Budget as on-going Performance Basis (details)

Easily create detailed budgets

 that can be used to measure progress

as the year unfolds.

Put your plan and reality on the same page.


OverDrive’s Sales Planning software can work with any ERP solution, and offers pre-existing integration with the following ERP solutions:


Infor’s Application Plus (A+) ERP Software for Distributors

Infor’s NxTrend ERP Software

Chempax ERP Systems

SAP’s Business One ERP Software

Exact’s Macola Progression ERP Software

Epicor’s Vantage Software

Any Other ERP Software


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