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Margin Manager Overview

Managing margins is a challenge for most businesses. Multiple product lines, increased competition and sales team turnover make it difficult to manage margins across varied customer types and sizes. The Margin Manager creates a graphical margin map to easily identify margins that should be changed.


§         Find Hidden Margin Improvement Opportunities (details)

Let OverDrive’s uncover your profit potential.


§         Save Time & Improve Results with Instant Access to Profit Data (details)

OverDrive’s Graphical Margin Map visually identifies customers and items requiring profit review.


§         Improve Sales Team Discipline (details)

Initiate and track your internal communications with your sales reps.   


OverDrive’s Margin Manager software can work with any ERP solution, and offers pre-existing integration with the following ERP solutions:

Infor’s Application Plus (A+) ERP Software for Distributors

Infor’s NxTrend ERP Software

Chempax ERP Systems

SAP’s Business One ERP Software

Exact’s Macola Progression ERP Software

Epicor’s Vantage Software

Any Other ERP Software


Increase profit margins while improving accountability and communication.  Call OverDrive to discuss how Margin Manager can identify hidden opportunities in your business. 702.476.0878