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RepLink Overview

Your purchasing and sales teams depend on one another to succeed. Yet, in many businesses, poor communication and lack of cooperation undermine this co-dependence. RepLink helps bring these teams together by providing sales reps valuable territory management information and by prompting for feedback to send to buyers.

Alert reps when customer behavior changes (details)
Identifying and responding to changes in customer demand.
Analyze invoice activity (details)
Instant access to invoice activity
Review sales statistics (details)
View summaries of your monthly sales activities.
Open orders and backorders (details)
Sales reps can view their own order backlog for content and accuracy.
Track and analyze prospect pipelines (details)
Objectively manage the contence and age of your pending opportunities.
Schedule, record and measure customer visits (details)
Organize your customer visits.
Specialty Inventories (details)
Inventory management accountability.
OverDrive’s RepLink software can work with any ERP solution, and offers pre-existing integration with the following ERP solutions:
Infor’s Application Plus (A+) ERP Software for Distributors
Infor’s NxTrend ERP Software
Chempax ERP Systems
SAP’s Business One ERP Software
Exact’s Macola Progression ERP Software
Epicor’s Vantage Software
Any Other ERP Software

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