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Create a database of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Imagine instant access to a wide variety of measurements over time. Then imagine the ability to pinpoint areas of interest and concern. OverDrive’s Inventory Advisor provides exactly that.

§         Periodic inventory snapshots measure item performance in more than 30 dimensions
§         Snapshot history is retained to measure performance over time
§         Create notes and action items to facilitate follow-up
Key Performance Indicator Examples
§         Quantities and Values
§         Turns, ‘Turns & Earns’, Months Supply
§         Gross Margin % and Net Margin % and Return on Inventory Investment (ROII)
§         Projected inventory levels and investment returns
§         Safety stock $ and Fill rates
§         Return on safety stock (ROSS) and ‘untouched inventory’ $
§         Plus many more . . .