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Inventory Advisor Overview

Imagine thinking of your inventory as an ever-changing portfolio of investments. The Inventory Advisor provides tools that help you objectively measure and analyze your “inventory portfolio”.

Create a database of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (details)
Effective management requires timely and objective measurement.
Analyze blocks of inventory (details)
Understand the big picture with quick access to the details.
Create scorecards to measure performance over time (details)
Assess the effectiveness of your investment strategies.
Trap and analyze under-performing items (details)
Easily identify items that need your attention.
OverDrive’s Inventory Advisor software can work with any ERP solution, and offers pre-existing integration with the following ERP solutions:
Infor’s Application Plus (A+) ERP Software for Distributors
Infor’s NxTrend ERP Software
Chempax ERP Systems
SAP’s Business One ERP Software
Exact’s Macola Progression ERP Software
Epicor’s Vantage Software
Any Other ERP Software

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