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Financial Analysis Solutions

Your financial transactions tell the story of your business. They can expose trends, uncover problems and help you discover opportunities for improvement. 

The challenge is to review and manage this large amount of data in a timely manner. A strong collection of financial statements are a good start but their summaries only reveal issues they were designed to find. Often the devil is hiding in the details (see “Beyond Traditional Reporting”).
Using OverDrive INDEXT architecture, the Financial Insights solution helps you navigate your financial data from user-defined summaries down into the source financial transaction with just a few simple mouse-clicks. You quickly identify problems and errors. And discoveries that previously took hours to research can now be managed in minutes.  
Best of all, this solution can be quickly loaded on your PC so you can test drive it with your financial data. We invite you to contact us to learn more about Financial Insights and arrange a no obligation test-drive. 
§         Explore Your Own Financial Data Warehouse (details)
Use standard and user-defined DataPaths and DataViews to work through your financial results from many angles.
§         Create Exception Traps (details)
Create your own filters and the system will automatically scour your data and identify areas of interest and concern 
§         Create Your Own Reports (details)
With Financial Insight’s report writer, it’s extraordinarily simple to create a library of multi-level financial reports.
§         Create and Explore Financial Statements (details)
Build your own statements and print, export, email or interact with them on-line 

OverDrive’s Financial Insights software can work with any ERP solution, and offers pre-existing integration with the following ERP solutions:

Infor’s Application Plus (A+) ERP Software for Distributors
Infor’s NxTrend ERP Software
Chempax ERP Systems

SAP’s Business One ERP Software
xact’s Macola Progression ERP Software
Epicor’s Vantage Software
Any Other ERP Software

Your customer service is essential to the success of your business. Let OverDrive’s Financial Insights help you manage the details. Let us facilitate communication as well as improve productivity, reliability and service levels.

Contact OverDrive Solutions for a FREE Financial Insights Trial Offer -  702.476.0878