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Learn More with a FREE Customer Service Evaluation

There are two excellent ways to learn more about the Customer Service Center:


  1. Explore your company’s customer service challenges with us with a 30-minute phone call. The best solutions nearly always start with an effective analysis of what needs to be improved and the associated benefits. Consider your company’s needs in these areas and discover the possibilities with us:


§         Improving Inside Sales Scheduling/Calling

§         Improving Customer Service through Better Interaction with Purchasing

§         Better Collections and Credit Management

§         Proactively handling event triggered actions (acknowledgements, shipping & backorder notices) through automatic event triggered notices 

§         Better visibility of email correspondence


  1. Load the Customer Service & Support Software on your iseries and learn how it looks and works with your own data. We’ll do all the preparation work. Your IT folks just need to help us get connected. You’ll need about an hour to view your data at work.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our Customer Service Center Evaluations at 702.476.0878.