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"Overdrive has taken the worry of remembering away…  I no longer have to look for potential shortages or potential late customer orders, Overdrive gives me a simple overview of my stock status and then allows me to drill down, shift demand or react quicker to changing lead times."


-  Randy Griffin
Manager, Dist Services
Lintech International








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OverDrive Solutions
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"The Aged Inventory Reporting is a great illuminator and motivator.  Any tool that can improve cash flow and reduce unwanted inventory is definitely worth using." 

-  Jeff Honerkamp
Chief Operating Officer
F.W. Honerkamp Company

















OverDrive Solutions

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"We believe this new approach is well suited to our multi-warehouse requirements and will improve our fill rates considerably." 

-  Karen Wyman
Purchasing Manager
Warren Alloy













OverDrive Solutions

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Give your operations team the tools they need to achieve your strategic inventory objectives



How do we make it all possible?  Take a tour:

FirstFORECAST Generation        

  Demand Planning analyzes your history and generates a forward-looking forecast so
  you can focus on having the right inventory available at the right time for your customers.
  Accurate Forecasts allow you to see into the pipeline, working pro-actively in anticipation
  of future needs and potential problems before they occur.  

ThenAUTOMATE Time-Consuming Manual Processes
    Inventory Advisor analyzes planned items in every warehouse, keeping 
    planning values and settings up to date with items' changing behavior.

  • Monthly Update of ABC Rankings
  • Assignment of Forecast Profiles
    • Considers Seasonality, Sporadic and Steady
  • Adjustment to Forecasts
  • Adjustment to Re-Order Point (ROP), Max, Safety Stock
  • Tag Changing Item Behavior as Exceptions for Buyer Review

Less time on set up/review; more time on high return work!

Now your team can jump right into replenishing and using next-level tools to keep on top of "problem" items and exceptions that are reviewed within their normal, daily work-flow. 

The Planning Info Screen - Inquiry, Research & Action:

Buyers are driven to the Planning Info screen while performing other daily work-flow tasks such as replenishment or at-risk reviews.  This dashboard provides a view into the item's rankings, settings, demand history, forecast, etc.  "Quick Click Tools" are provided to enter any intelligence that the system may not know about an item's history or future in order to make the forecast more accurate.
1.  Demand adjusted history differs from pure invoice history.  Demand Planning accounts for and makes adjustments for substitutions, late fulfillments, shipments from alternate warehouses, dropped/switched customers/items and converts units of measure automatically.  This prevents planning of purchases from historical sales that will not repeat.
2.  Combined forecast takes into account the system generated forecast based on profile + individual customer forecast overrides (light blue bars) + anticipated demand for warehouses to be supplied from the current viewed warehouse.

Here's just one example from dozens of drill-downs and analytical tools on the Planning Info screen:
Customer Ranking:
Interactive Reporting - Analyze & Manage Your Inventory:
Demand Planning has lots of reports and analysis screens so you can stay on top of your current inventory investment.  Run them in detail (by item) or group/filter them by ABC code, Vendor, WH, # of Customers, Class, etc. 

Aged Inventory Report:


The Replenishment Summary Screen - Know When & How Much to Buy:

Demand Planning lets you know when it's time to buy and allows you to track progress as you accumulate enough demand to reach vendor minimums.  You know exactly when it's time to pull the trigger or expedite due to stock outs.  No more relying on schedules or just plain memory.  From the summary screen you select vendors/lines to be processed into replenishments that are reviewed, configured, rounded and approved for import into your ERP as a PO awaiting approval.  NO DOUBLE ENTRY

Also Includes Tools for: 

  • Alerting Buyers to Potential Problems
  • Managing Vendor Lead Times
  • Tracking & Updating Open PO Dates
  • Quick Adjusts of Substitutions
  • Managing Hub & Spoke/Multiple Warehouses
  • Unit of Measure Conversions
  • Managing Customer Changes
  • Repackaging, Blending & Light Manufacturing Component Planning

...and much more


OverDrive's Inventory Management Software Suite consists of four applications:

  •  Demand Planning
    A comprehensive Purchasing & Planning System.
  •  Inventory Advisor
    Measure the performance of your inventory investment.
  • Component Planning (optional)
    Component & assembly predictions based on finished goods forecasts and current inventory pipelines.
  • RepLink (optional)
    Sales team management software connecting your sales and purchasing teams.

Contact Mike Parolini for more information, 855.7OVRDRV (855.768.7378)