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"OverDrive's Service Management is a key part of our service-related business.  It allows us to track our customers' equipment from beginning to end while in for repair. We couldn't live without it."

-  Kurt Anderson
Vice President,Operations
Dalco Enterprises

























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OverDrive Solutions
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"Service Management gives us improved visibility to track open repairs, eliminate paper based repair orders, integrate purchasing and receiving into the repair process while increasing technician productivity through tracking labor hours, billed hours, and noneffective hours." 

-  Eric Cohen
Vice President of Logistics
WAXIE Sanitary Supply
























OverDrive Solutions

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"Service Management was absolutely the best investment we made all year." 

-  Dave Gurvis
Marco Ophthalmic















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OverDrive Solutions

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"With Service Management, I can answer my customers' equipment repair questions instantly.  It's great for them and great for us!" 

-  Jeff McCloskey
Service Manager
Dalco Enterprises


Distributors: Service is an Important 'Touch Point' with your Customers

Give your service business tools to:

OverDrive's Service Management System (SMS) links up with your ERP so you can quit "running off the grid" and deliver great results for your customers.  Take a tour: 





Let OverDrive's SMS bring important information to your service people direct from your distribution ERP system. 

You don't have to go back to your ERP anymore.  When you open a call in SMS, you can look up everything you need to get started and manage a call to completion.

Once you complete an SMS order, it AUTOMATICALLY INVOICES in your ERP! No double entry! 

The Open/Closed Call Screen: Streamline & Standardize

This is the main header screen.  Capture and display call/billing information in a unified manner via user-defined problem codes, resolution codes, etc. Manage calls via status, priority, hold code, etc.  Tagging calls in this manner allows you to build a knowledge base for analysis, historical searching, and reference for future calls.

Reduce Time to Repair!  You can access call history for this customer, this equipment and even other calls for the same equipment at a different customer.  Use the combined knowledge of the organization to work smarter.
Here's a view from one of the other tabs available on a call.

Parts Tab:

Call Listing: Streamline
Eliminate the hassle of tracking down and shuffling through manual paperwork.  Graduate to managing and prioritizing open calls.  Stay on top of potential backlogs and understand what stage each open call is in.  NO MORE HEADACHES! 
Additional filters allow you to search CALL HISTORY for similar issues that may help resolve a current call. Search by tech, problem code, resolution code, equipment type, key words, etc. 
Technician Schedules: Deliver
Get rid of the whiteboard, clipboard and bulletin board schedules!
Don't let any job slip through the cracks.  Use this screen to review open backlog, see a summary of technician schedules, view schedule detail.  Drill into call detail, print/e-mail schedules to technicians and run weekly or monthly summaries.
Analyze Your Service Business: Grow
Measure and gauge the performance of your team.  This ever-growing knowledge base allows you to develop standards, measure profitability and efficiency.  Partner with customers to understand their service history. Find new revenue opportunities.  Favorite reports can be saved for future use.

The possibilities are limitless!
Here's just one example of an interactive report generated from the above parameter screen.
Call Summary by Month:

Visibility to activity, revenue, costs & margins by call, parts, labor etc. Easily spot trends by charting calls, revenue & margin.  Drill into call summaries with access to individual call history.


Also Includes Tools for:

  • Communicating status to customers automatically
  • Professional quoting to customers before work
  • Ordering and tracking of parts to complete jobs
  • Action Items which can be assigned to other users
  • Management of Preventive Maintenance Contracts
  • Pricing for contracts and warranty work
  • Tracking of loaners and rentals
  • Routines or checklists for techs to follow (can be enforced)

...and much more