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ERP Business Engine

Customer Service


Retain customers, contain costs, and grow your business.


This single user interface application runs on your iSeries and is seamlessly integrated with your A+ software.


  • Enable Company-Wide Access to All Customer Activity
  • Use Integrated To-Do Lists to Improve Reliability, Collaboration & Productivity
  • Use Alerts to Inform CSR's when Important Events Occur
  • Capture Outlook Emails for Everyone to View
  • Grow Sales with Scheduled Outbound Calls
  • Manage & Improve CSR Performance & Accountability


Raise the LEVEL & QUALITY of your team's work! 



Field Service

Take complete control over your service business.
The OverDrive Service Management application is a comprehensive solution to manage every aspect of your Service/Repair Order business, allowing your team to excel in critical customer touch points and provide excellent customer service.
  • Create & track Repair Orders from 'cradle to grave'
  • Automatically invoice completed Repair Orders in your ERP
  • Schedule and track technician schedules
  • Create a Knowledge Base of repairs, equipment types, and common issues
  • Manage preventative maintenance contracts

How can OverDrive's Field Service Management help?
  • Fully manage every aspect of your service business
  • Interfaces with your ERP to reduce dual entry of inventory and billing transactions
  • Full battery of reports and analysis to help you manage your service business

Raise the LEVEL & QUALITY of your team's work!


Financial Analysis

Gain instant visibility to your financial information in new and exciting ways! 
The OverDrive Financial Analysis application gives your finance team powerful, new methods to stay current on financial trends, quickly find and analyze exceptions and share valuable information with the organization.
  • Get through your closings faster!
  • Eliminate manual & custom reporting
  • Drill down to detail directly from statements
  • Browse financial information interactively
  • Distribute reports automatically to the organization

How can OverDrive's Financially Analysis help?
  • With security settings, you can share information with the people responsible for the figures
  • Identify exceptions and new trends before they become a problem
  • Understand your chart of accounts and ERP GL set-ups on a whole new level

Raise the LEVEL & QUALITY of your team's work!


Inventory Management

Move beyond basic min/max methods into "next level",
forecast-based solutions
The OverDrive Inventory Management Suite is a comprehensive Inventory, Purchasing & Supply Chain solution that allows your team to master the complex challenges they face in today's world of distribution.
  • Reduce Inventory
  • Increase Service Levels
  • Drive Turns
  • Realize increased overall operational efficiency

How can OverDrive's Inventory Management Suite help?
  • Spend less time reviewing reports and maintaining numbers
  • Spend more time buying, managing inventory and making decisions
  • Work with a proactive, forecast - centered approach

Raise the LEVEL & QUALITY of your team's work!



Sales Collaboration

Get your Ops and Sales teams sharing information and working together to better serve your customers. 
The OverDrive Sales Collaboration Application facilitates information sharing and problem solving between your operations and sales team, while also providing valuable reporting to the sales force in the field.
  • Automatic alerts to the sales rep for changing customer/item demand
  • Answers to alerts go back to purchasing for inclusion into the buying plan
  • Ability to provide forecasts for submission to purchasing
  • Automatic tracking with date/time stamping of communications
  • Full battery of reports and tools for reps to manage their business

How can OverDrive's Sales Collaboration help?
  • Gets your internal and external teams working together to better service your customers
  • You don't have to find the exceptions and e-mail the reps 
  • Sales reps have the tools to research the issue and provide an answer all in one place

Raise the LEVEL & QUALITY of your team's work!



Sales Optimization

Take a strategic approach to your sales. 
The OverDrive Sales Optimization application is a powerful tool to assist you in building an annual sales budget and to track, monitor and adjust against the plan throughout the year. Significantly reduce the need for manual reporting and work interactively with your sales information.
  • Collaborate with your sales force to create, adjust, & publish your sales plan
  • Monitor progress ongoing throughout the year
  • Automatic alerts generated for variances against measurements
  • Stay on top of changing trends in your business
  • Margin management & mapping for pricing segmentations

How can OverDrive's Sales Optimization help?
  • Simplify the complex process of sales plan creation
  • Easily track against the plan and adjust accordingly
  • Gives management a strategic view into the business without reports

Raise the LEVEL & QUALITY of your team's work!