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Partner with OverDrive...

♦ Leverage your existing ERP Data

♦ High Returns... easy implementation

♦ Empower your team

• productivity
• analysis
• efficiency
• collaboration

♦ Protect your ERP Investment




Chemical Distributors: Move Beyond Basic Min/Max Methodology

Give your operations team the tools they need to run your inventory & supply chain effectively.  

  • Remove the pain of 'remembering' and manually managing your inventory & supply chain.  
  • Get Real Results:
    • Increase turns
    • Increase service levels
    • Improve buyer productivity & effectiveness
    • Provide management oversight

Dynamic, Smart Forecasting:  Stop Guessing & Start Looking Forward


Automate Time-Consuming Manual Processes

  • Monthly Update of ABC Rankings
  • Assignment of Forecast Profiles
    • Considers Seasonality, Spordaic and Steady
  • Adjustment to Forecasts
  • Adjustment to ROP, Max, SS


Projection Tools:  Partner with your Suppliers & Customers



 Replenishment Dashboards:  Buyers Know When & How Much to Order


Also includes tools for:

  • Alerting Buyers to Potential Problems
  • Managing Vendor Lead Times
  • Tracking & Updating Open PO Dates
  • Quick Adjusts of Substitutions
  • Managing Hub & Spoke/Multiple Warehouses
  • Unit of Measure Conversions
  • Managing Customer Changes
  • Repackaging & Light Manufacturing Component Planning

  and much more...

OverDrive's Inventory Management Software Suite consists of four applications:

  •  Demand Planning
    A comprehensive Purchasing & Planning System.
  •  Inventory Advisor
    Measure the performance of your inventory investment.
  • Component Planning (optional)
    Component & assembly predictions based on finished goods forecasts and current inventory pipelines.
  • RepLink (optional)
    Sales team management software connecting your sales and purchasing teams.

Contact Mike Parolini for more information, 702.476.0878